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The Pilates Studio address is  

105 Park Lane, Thurmont MD 

      Our Holistic Health Center occupies the front of the building, go to the back from this right side and find this side entrance to the Studio: 

What is Pilates? 



Pilates is a workout.
Pilates is body-mind conditioning.

Pilates, pronounced Pi-LAH-teez, is a low-stress method of physical and mental conditioning. The Pilates method is the result of Joseph Pilates’ lifelong observation of the human body and its natural functioning. He called his system “CONTROLOGY”, which he defined as “the science and art of coordinated body-mind-spirit development through natural movements under strict control of the will”.

The primary focus of Pilates is to strengthen the core, as well as to exercise without stressing the heart and other internal organs. Pilates relieves back pain; improves flexibility of the muscles and joints; lengthens and strengthens the body; corrects posture; stimulates the circulatory system; oxygenates the blood; relieves stress and stress-related disorders; helps heal injured tissues and helps prevent osteoporosis.

What Pilates IS NOT:
There is no running, no jumping, no violent, quick and jerky movements and no use of heavy weights. Most exercises are repeated only a few times to avoid fatigue to the muscles. Pilates is not physical therapy.


How Pilates will Improve Your Life & Body:

Pilates re-shapes the body. Your body becomes firmer and sleeker, resulting in better shape. Muscle flexibility and joint mobility are improved, allowing you to move more easily. Pilates helps develop better physical skills and it also prevents injury. The muscles get stronger but not bulky. Pilates improves physical and mental strength and endurance. The mind becomes the body’s master, increasing self-confidence. Coordination, posture, balance and the body’s alignment are improved. Pilates relieves you from fatigue, discomfort and pain, especially back pain. Pilates helps you have a healthier and happier life.

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