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Frequent Asked Questions


If you have a question that is not listed, please contact us


Is Pilates for me?


Anyone can do Pilates, all the exercises can be adapted, or skipped, to suit one's need.



Where to begin: Group Mat classes or Private Apparatus classes?


You can begin pilates with either type of class. Since the apparatus was designed to help the mat workout, it is an easier and more gradual way to "get" pilates; and with the apparatus the workout can also be better shaped to accommodate your needs. Mat classes are more cost effective, and the workout can be felt right away.


Can I do both type of classes?


Yes, you can. It is actually very good to have both in your workout schedule.


How many times a week shall I do Pilates?


If you would like to see better and faster results, we recommend that you do pilates twice to three times a week.


What shall I wear?


Wear comfortable workout clothes, avoid wearing pants with belt loops or zippers. You will be working out barefoot; socks are optional.


Do I need to bring a mat?


No, we provide proper pilates mats for the classes.

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