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                  Group Classes Schedule   


                                Monday           Tuesday               Wednesday           Thursday         Friday         


         9:00 AM          Open Mat                                         Open Mat                                        Tower Class                       


        4:00 PM                                   Tower Class


        5:00 PM          Open Mat                                         Open Mat            



All the classes at The Center of Life Pilates Studio are Open Level Classes, which means anyone can join these classes at anytime. Your Instructor will make the necessary changes accordingly to your level, whether it is your first time doing Pilates or not. 

​Privates or Semi-privates

In these classes we use the Pilates apparatus. Everyone can begin, or continue Pilates, working out with these unique pieces of equipment. If you have never used the PIlates apparatus, we ask that you come for 4 to 5 privates sessions. After that you can join any semi-private class, that consists of 2 to 4 people working out together. 

Apparatus Classes are by appointment, only.  

Class length is 55 minutes. 

Tower Classes

The Tower Class is a workout combining  Mat work and the Wall Unit. During this fun and challenging class you will use the springs and the bars attached to the Wall Unit. You need to have previous experience with Pilates before joining these classes. The Tower Class is limited to up to 6 attendees. 

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